Language is expression, is communication, is interaction, is…..

Anneke Koning-Corveleijn
accredited interpreter/translator, lecturer

Translations from and into English

I understand a fury in your words,
But not the words.

William Shakespeare, "Othello", Act 4, scene 2

The English language has always fascinated me. After having completed various study programmes, I started teaching, interpreting and translating.

I started teaching in adult education and later became a lecturer at Rotterdam University. Now I give workshops to members of the legal profession, such as solicitors and public prosecutors, and at the Rotterdam University to lecturers, management and librarians.

Working in and with English, focussing on the work the participants in my workshops do. Interaction is the key word. During my workshops I try to create an atmosphere where people feel free to participate and are not afraid to make mistakes. read further

Interpreting is a totally different activity where concentration and improvisation are what really matters. In my capacity as interpreter I have accompanied Dutch examining magistrates in various countries all over the world.
Interpreting at a conference, or during legal proceedings, these are all situations that may be nerve-racking, but are never boring. read further

Translating then, including fiction for young people for Dutch publishing house Lemniscaat. Working from a totally different perspective than when you do legal translations, one of my other translation activities. read further

For an interpreter/translator, continuous education is a must; there is always something new to study, whether it is sections of Dutch, American or English laws, tertiary education in the Netherlands, or a nomadic people in Pakistan breeding camels, something I studied for the translation of a book for children from the age of 12.